In the Grampians region, Adaption is collaboration between the state government, local government, agencies, industry and communities including Tradition Owner corporations, water corporations, catchment management authorities and others to adapt to a changing climate.

Peter Gell, Professor of Environmental Science at Federation University, is part of the Regional Climate Adaptation Group who led the development of the Grampians regional strategy.

Peter Gell is a paleoecologist who examines change in the condition of wetlands over culturally relevant timelines. He has a particular interest in contributing to a better understanding of natural ecological character under the Ramsar Convention. He specialises in the use of diatoms as indicators of present, and past, river and lake condition, particularly in coastal systems and across Australia’s Murray Darling Basin.

An emerging interest is the use of paleoecological approaches to reveal past instances of regime shifts and tipping points in wetland ecosystems. He also continues his interests in the use of birds as indicators of ecosystem health. Peter is also Adjunct Professor in the School of Postgraduate Studies at Diponegoro University in Semarang, Indonesia

Fire, heat, water & biodiversity are some of the focus areas for adaptation in the region, the strategy explores ways we can act now given that we know what we are facing.