East Grampians Rural Pipeline

GWMWater and the Ararat Rural City, Pyrenees and Norther Grampians councils have partnered to deliver a stock and domestic water supply pipeline in the East Grampians region.

The benefits of this pipeline will contribute to climate adaptation through improved, sustainable use of water supplies.

This pipeline will enable future agriculture sector opportunities currently limited by the availability of water to be explored. This secure water supply will deliver economic benefits to the East Grampians area through supporting activity and employment in the faming and intensive livestock sectors. The pipeline reduces the reliance on water carting and sustains the agricultural sector that underpins the viability of the Grampians Region. Other benefits include enhancing community wellbeing and safety and reducing pressures on already highly stressed natural catchments.

On completion, the scheme may service up to 1500 rural farming properties over an area of up to 330,000 hectares with a reticulated non-drinking water supply. The area includes areas around Ararat, Great Western, Buangor, east to the Eurambeen-Streatham Road and south to the Glenelg Highway.

Further information can be found on the GWM Water website- https://gwmwater.org.au/component/edocman/1866-east-grampians-rural-pipeline-overview/download

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