24th Annual Wimmera Biodiversity Seminar

The 24th Annual Wimmera Biodviversity Seminar was held over 5 Thursdays in September 2021.

You can watch the recordings of the presentations based on the theme Farming and Biodiversity below.

Seminar 1: Angie Haslem (La Trobe University) – Tracking the recovery of birds following revegetation on farms and Elia Pirtle (Victorian Volcanic Plains Biosphere) – Victorian Volcanic Plains Biosphere Project

Wimmera biodiversity seminar week 1
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Seminar 2: Jim Radford (La Trobe University) – Farm-scale Natural Capital Accounting- what is it and why is it good for farmers? and Danny Pettingill (Loddon Plains Landcare) – Designing resilient and adaptive community-based landscape restoration projects

Wimmera biodiversity seminar week 2
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Seminar 3: Karen O’Keefe & Bronwyn Bant (Corangamite & Wimmera CMAs) – Tailoring NRM programs to reach new participants, including rural women, who are influential decision makers on farms and Tammi Jonas (Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA))  – Farming, First Peoples, and Biodiversity: Farming in Common with Nature

Wimmera biodiversity seminar week 3
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Seminar 4: La Vergne Lehmann (Barengi Gadjin Land Council) – Working together- Returning kangaroo grass to the landscape and Colin Seis (Regenerative Pasture Farmer) – Holistic planned grazing & Multi species pasture cropping

Wimmera biodiversity seminar week 4
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Seminar 5: Jess Gardner & Zoe Birnie (Greening Australia) – Factoring Climate Change Into Restoration Works – Steven Hobbs, Kaniver Farmer – Biodiversity and Agriculture Growing Undercover

Wimmera biodiversity seminar week 5
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All recordings are available on the 2021 Wimmera Biodiversity Seminar Series – YouTube

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