Grampians Region Climate Adaptation Strategy 

The Grampians Region Climate Adaptation Strategy (GRCAS) was developed over 4 years through a place-based, community-owned and led process supported by the Victorian Government’s Supporting Our Regions to Adapt program funded by the Sustainability Fund.

The program helped communities build their resilience to climate change and recognises that the impacts of climate change on communities differs, depending on where you live in Victoria, and so adaptation action needs to be tailored for each region. It engaged stakeholders from across government, industry and the community to identify and drive adaptation action.

The Strategy identifies barriers, drivers and issues and assist regional stakeholders to direct their activities by identifying priorities, gaps and needs for the region.

The aims of the GRCAS include:

  • build a shared understanding of regional vulnerability to climate change;
  • foster regional action, innovation and ownership;
  • ensure that tailored initiatives and projects are delivered to support regional communities, particularly those most vulnerable, to prepare for and adapt to climate change; and
  • build and strengthen relationships with regional stakeholders to support effective and coordinated adaptation action.

Yearly Delivery Plans have included funding of key community adaptation projects identified by the Regional Climate Adaptation Group (RCAG).

The GRCAS is for people living and working across the Grampians Region who are interested and concerned in how this Region can best come to grips with the changing climate. Rich engagement with local stakeholders has been vital in ensuring that actions create multiple benefits, as well as managing any potentially perverse outcomes. The strategy will guide priority climate change adaptation action in the Grampians Region over the next five years.

The Strategy was developed collaboratively by members of RCAG representing state government, agencies, local government, universities, farmers, business, and community, in close consultation with key stakeholders throughout the Grampians Region. Feedback on the draft version of the GRCAS was sought prior to release of the final version (Feedback report 2021).

A Situation Analysis was also undertaken to provide background information for the GRCAS and this provides a methodical analysis of the core Adaptation Themes contained in the GRCAS.

It is intended that everyone involved can see their own climate adaptation aspirations reflected and efforts across the Region can be better coordinated, leading to improved outcomes for communities and the environment.


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