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What is mitigation?

Mitigation is taking steps to reduce the risk, severity of the impact or the probability of occurance, ideally in a systemative and timely approach. Examples of climate mitigation include solar panels, wind farms, electric vehicles and reducing emissions. The Grampains New Energy Taskforce (GNET) is leading the region’s emissions reduction efforts. To find out more information about GNET

Visit https://www.gnet.org.au/roadmap-to-zero-page for more information.

Grampians Climate Scorecard

Climate Adaptation Themes

There are eight major themes below to provide insight and inspiration of ways climate adaptation can occur in your community.We will be adding resources on a regular basis, so keep checking back for more.


adaptation is managing agriculture risks, profitability, resilience and opportunities in a changing climate


adaptation is building species and ecosystem resilience and functionality for long-term viability


adaptation is recognising finance, business risk, insurability and profitability underpin regional and rural economies


adaptation is preparing for earlier and longer seasons of more intense and widespread fire

Image: Wayne Rigg

Health & Wellbeing

adaptation is minimising health and wellbeing impacts of climate change on people


adaptation is preparing for more extreme heat in the built environment and its impacts on people

Storms & Flooding

adaptation is preparing for more frequent and intense storms and flooding


adaptation is changing the way we think about and use water to increase resilience to long-term climate change

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